Myers Visor signs for after school dismissal vehicle pick up:

posted Aug 10, 2018, 10:13 AM by Trisha Bowen   [ updated ]

Myers Visor Signs:

After School Dismissal Vehicle Pick-Up

To help make our afternoon pick-up line move more efficiently and safely, our school community will be using a “car-ID” visor sign for participating vehicles. Families with students riding the bus, riding a daycare van, or walking home do not need a visor sign.

Each visor sign will include the student’s first name and grade level and should be placed on the visor in such a way that school staff can clearly see it. If multiple students are being picked up, they may be listed on one visor sign, still including each child’s grade level. This helps us to expedite the loading process by eliminating the need to approach each vehicle to ask which students are being picked up.

Please get a visor sign from the table by the front office and Media Center during Myers Back to School Night on September 4th between 4:30 and 6:00 or from the school office at another time if you are unable to attend Back to School Night.

If your family needs an additional visor sign for another vehicle, please let the office know so we can determine the amount needed and place another order.  In the meantime, you have the option to make a sign that and place it in your vehicle’s car window where school staff can easily see it.